October 01, 2017 - Sunday 1:00-3:30pm - Harmonium Chanting for Beginners - with Krishnapriya Brack

Krishnapriya Brack, professional music teacher, well-known musician, playing keyboard, harmonium, and Indian vina, will teach you how to play melody and chordal accompaniment, with no musical experience necessary.

This class is designed for non-musicians, but open to all. It will teach you a selection of mantric chants , and instruction will focus on how to play melody and chordal accompaniment. Krishnapriya Brack, your instructor, is a well-known musician and instructor, playing keyboard, harmonium and Indian vina . She offers this fun-for-everyone experience of the harmonium that will inspire and teach you how to play your very own chants. Preregistration is required no later than the day before the class.

Main Hall