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November 29, 2019 - Friday 7-8:30pm - Angel Healing First Aid - with Kimberly Marooney

The angels are at it again! They invited Kimberly Marooney, the bestselling author of Angel Blessings Cards, to share 30 divine remedies for daily life in her twelfth, The Little Book of Angel Healing: First Aid from the Heavenly Realms. The cures include meditations, visualizations, prayers, and specific action plans. 
Join us as Kimberly share with you the juiciest parts of her new book including a transmission of angel healing energy! And maybe even, an Activation! Learn to tap into the healing power of angels and how angel power can help you overcome specific challenges with expanded consciousness. 
Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney is the founder of and President of Gateway.University. 

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