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November 24, 2019 - Sunday 4-5:30pm - Book Signing Along With A Free Past Life Reading - with Lotus Prana Zheng

Author, energy therapist, past life reader Lotus Prana Zheng will do a book signing.

Lotus Zheng is a Seattle based energy therapist, author and past life reader. She is the founder of Lotus Prana LLC and Lotus Prana Energy Living. She created Lotus Prana Quantum Energy Therapy. It combines inner child therapy, Tibetan Qigong, Chinese I Ching ,Yin Yang balancing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, cellular memory reprogramming, Egyptian Seichim healing and much more.

The therapy has a patent pending in U.S.A. and overseas. Lotus wrote 34 real cases of the therapy in her new book: Play The Magic Of Life Transformation- New Humans On New Earth. During the book signing, Lotus will give a talk about the book and the therapy along with a inner child meditation. Then she will do the book signing. Everyone who gets her (or his) book signed will receive a free past life reading and $100 coupon for the therapy.

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