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November 21, 2019 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - The Need for Spiritual Communities & How To Start Them - with Bhima Breckenridge & Stan Dombrowski

Can there truly be peace on Earth or are human beings essentially selfish and inflexible? Is utopia possible or is it just a fantastic pipe dream? After celebrating 50 years this summer, Ananda has demonstrated a solution to the worldwide problem of greed, conflict, and ego-driven activity: spiritual communities!

Join Bhima Breckenridge & Stanley Dombrowski, Ananda community residents and East Westies, for an entertaining presentation on what makes community living so important and what practical steps can be taken to manifest a cooperative community. Look forward to lively discussion and networking with other like-minded individuals!

About the Speakers
Bhima Breckenridge has worked at East West Bookshop for nearly 7 years, and acted as co-manager for four of them. During this time he has been fortunate enough to live at the Ananda community in Lynnwood and has witnessed firsthand the simple genius of this way of life and also observed the many practical ins-and-outs that make the community ideal a reality!

Stanley Dombrowski has been East West's book buyer for several years now and also lives at the Ananda community where he is the manager of Master's Kitchen, our community-powered café and dining hall. Before living in the Lynnwood community, Stanley was a pioneering resident & farmhand at Ananda Farm on Camano Island, Ananda's ever-expanding nature farm & soon-to-be yoga village.

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