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November 20, 2019 - Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm - Resounding the Healing Path - with Maria Ayanna

Allow the sounds of the seven metal singing bowls to resound your inner strength, courage and resolve as we head into Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Join Maria Ayanna as she plays plays the singing bowls using their alchemy and other instruments to bring you to your most centered-self. 

Settle into the sounds of the inner self with the singing bowls. This season allow yourself to immerse your being into joy and peace with sounds that are nourishing and supportive. As Maria Ayanna plays the bowls, surrender into a calm state so that you may be your most centered and grounded. Experience the harmony of singing bowls with other instruments such as the gong. In this time of cold rainy days, allow yourself the comfort and warmth of a blissful journey to recharge your senses. Space is limited so please reserve your spot.

Main Hall

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