November 20, 2017 - Monday 7:30-9pm - Buddhism on Gratitude - with Sokhun Tho

Buddhism on Gratitude and chanting meditation with Tho Sokhun, a visiting Cambodian monk sponsored by Amazing Grace Spiritual Center.

The Buddha taught that being grateful is a requirement for any person seeking to live with integrity. He spoke of a state of gratitude that transcends even being grateful for anything specific beyond simply existing. Learn more about how to attain enlightenment through gratitude practice from Cambodian Buddhist monk Tho Sokhun. You will also experience a Cambodian Buddhist chanting meditation.  

Tho Sokhun is a Cambodian Buddhist spiritual teacher and school administrator whose home temple is in Siem Reip (city of Angkhor Wat).  He entered a monastery at the age of 12, became a novice monk at 13, and he was ordained at the age of 21 as a Bikkhu monk of the Theravàda lineage. Sokhun is in the US to give Dharma talks as the guest of Amazing Grace Spiritual Center in Ballard and the Vatt Khmer Temple in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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