November 18, 2017 - Saturday 7-8:30pm - Apply I-Ching & Bagua to Improve Your Life - with Lotus Prana Zheng

Learn how to apply I-Ching & Bagua to improve your life with Lotus Prana Zheng.

Join Lotus Zheng to improve your life by applying I-Ching and Bagua. Lotus is an I-Ching & Bagua expert; she is also the creator of Lotus Prana Energy Healing. Following a profound spiritual awakening, she developed her abilities in I-Ching, Bagua and energy healing. She will give a class about how to apply I-Ching and Bagua to improve your life which is followed by a mini energy healing session. Her media experiences include Beijing TV, K5 News, Seattle Times The Stranger and more.

Main Hall

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