November 17, 2018 - Saturday 2-6pm - Storymorphosis: Create Your Story of Transformation - with Bill Bernat

With Bill Bernat, learn to create, distill, and tell a story of a personal transformation to inspire yourself and others.

Give voice to your inner light with TED speaker, The Moth Radio Hour storyteller, and award-winning playwright Bill Bernat. In this interactive workshop you will learn the art of personal storytelling. You create one personal story of transformation using the three-step Storymorphosis framework. It might be a profound shift that happened in single incident, or becoming a new person through a decades-long inner journey. 

You’ll come away knowing how to write, rehearse, and tell your story well. You’ll get a list of where in the Seattle area you can tell your story publicly. Most importantly, you’ll understand why you’re telling it.

Main Hall

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