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November 13, 2019 - Wednesday 7:30-9pm - The Power of Pendulum Healing - with Joan Rose Staffen

Learn to use the power of pendulum healing with Joan Rose Staffen, psychic healer and author of the Books of Pendulum Healing.

Do you want to explore the ancient, innate power of dowsing with a pendulum? Do you want a new tool to help you connect with Source and help you make wise health decisions? In this introductory talk about the The Book of Pendulum Healing we will learn to use the pendulum and discover the “Intuitive Healing Charts” found in the book. We will learn to ask for guidance and program our pendulums to receive yes and no answers, learn to use the clearing signal, and examine the Charts. Readers will leave inspired with new knowledge of this ancient and modern psychic art that guides them to their innate truth.

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