November 12, 2017 - Sunday 12:30-2:30pm - Getting to Know Crystal Allies - with Shaun Rose

Shaun Rose leads this introductory workshop for people who are attracted to crystals but are new to understanding how the mineral kingdom can help them in their everyday lives.

Join Shaun Rose—a crystal enthusiast for 28 years-- for an afternoon workshop to explore crystals and how they can serve as allies in our growth. Crystals can be appreciated just as they are--beautiful gifts from the earth. But there are deeper layers to them, too! Humans have been using them spiritually and for empowerment since time immemorial. Learn a little history of their use, where they come from, and how to cleanse and program them with intentions. How do we know which ones to choose and which ones are good for certain issues? Shaun will answer these questions and more. This workshop will be experiential and everyone is welcome to bring along crystal friends to share with the participants.

Main Hall

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