November 11, 2017 - Saturday 11am-4pm - Write Your Healing Memoir: Explore your painful moments from your soul's wisdom to write a new story - with Sue Frederick

Intuitive and author Sue Frederick will be teaching Write Your Healing Memoir Workshop and you'll actually begin your book during the class.

Whether you've lost a loved one through death or divorce; lost a career; struggled with abuse or health issues; or feel stuck in a negative story of pain and loss - this class with Sue Frederick will give you a healing perspective on your life and allow you to rewrite your story from an inner voice of truth and wisdom. You'll walk away with tools for bringing this shift into everyday challenges and you'll have the beginnings of your own personal healing memoir. This is not just a writing class although you'll end up with the beginnings of your book.

We’ll look briefly at our soul's great purpose; our soul agreements with those who've broken our heart; and our many reinvention cycles and what they've taught us. You’ll write your story from that right-brain point of view rather than from the fear and self-doubt of the ego mind. These sacred techniques will free you up to connect with your inner scribe.

Attendees learn to:
-Quiet the mind to hear their inner wisdom; to shift from drudgery mind to poet’s mind.
-Unlock their unique writer’s voice through meditation & understanding of their soul’s mission.
-Explore reinvention cycles as bookmarks for their story.
-Write their grief, pain and guilt stories from their soul’s voice; including shifting into the perspective of those who have wounded them.

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