November 10, 2018 - Saturday 4-6pm - Healing in the Mongolian Shamanic Tradition - with Claire Guyu Johnson and Jerigtu Borigijin

Join Jerigtu and Claire for this rare opportunity to learn about the Shamanic healing traditions of Mongolia, from a couple who are internationally known for their teachings and healing practices. Jerigtu and his family in Inner Mongolia are holders of the Golden lineage, a lineage of powerful healers and Tibetan Rinpoches. Claire is a Qigong master teacher and healer in the tradition of Image Medicine. Claire helps us connect from the concrete lessons in our bodies to the subtle realms, while Jerigtu brings information from the spiritual realms to help in our daily lives. They will share fascinating stories about physical as well as spiritual healing in the Mongolian Shamanic tradition. They are currently building a Healing Center in Inner Mongolia.

Main Hall

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