November 03, 2018 - Saturday 2-5pm - The Work of Byron Katie: Finding Peace in All Things (Including Compulsion, Addiction, Dependency) - with Grace Bell

We’ve all heard the way to solve compulsive behavior is to keep to a regimen, a plan, a diet, increase willpower, find control. It’s hard. We quit. It feels like true peace from compulsion, whether eating, smoking, drinking, spending, relationships, is a distant dream.

Peace is everyone’s birthright. Our natural, peaceful, balanced way of being gets interrupted by stress, stuck emotions, self-criticism, family and cultural conditioning and our aggressive beliefs about ourselves.

Come discover a way to dissolve addiction woes from the inside out. We’ll use The Work of Byron Katie to address root causes of off-balanced behavior: off-balanced thinking. 

This class is taught by Grace Bell, who suffered crazed eating, smoking, escaping and now finds daily freedom through inquiry.

Main Hall

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