May 28, 2019 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm - The Astrology Of Crisis And Transformation: The Saturn / Pluto Conjunction Of 2020 - with Robert Weinstein L.Ac.

The Saturn / Pluto Conjunction Of 2020: An opportunity for personal and societal transformation with Robert Weinstein L.Ac.

The 36-40 year cycle Of Saturn / Pluto Conjunctions have been a reliable indicator of political, financial and personal crisis and societal transformation. Robert will examine the important Saturn-Pluto aspects of the last 100 years to understand the major shift that will occur in 2020. Join for this talk and learn how we can use this aspect to embrace personal transformation.

Robert Weinstein L.Ac. MTCM is a writer, astrologer and practitioner of Chinese medicine in Seattle. He has practiced astrology and Chinese medicine for over 15 years in Seattle and has an article on Medical Astrology coming out in the summer edition of The Mountain Astrologer. Visit his website at


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