March 25, 2017 - Saturday 10:30-12:30pm - Breath Empowerment - with Rebecca Gould

This breathwork and qigong workshop with Rebecca Clio Gould have you feeling your body humming with the vibration of healing energy. 

Breath Empowerment is a combination of Pranayama and Qigong breathing that leaves your body humming with the vibration of healing energy while creating a deep sense of meditation and connectedness. One of the few physical exercises you can do which increases your body’s alkalinity, this practice is one of the most intense and powerful breathing practices you will ever experience.

During this Breath Empowerment class with Rebecca Clio Gould, you will be lying on a mat or pad on the floor for 35 minutes. There will be detailed explanation and instruction regarding the breathing techniques before the practice begins.

After the Breath Empowerment practice, there will be some discussion, followed by a Supreme Science Qigong movement practice to help you get grounded, feel the qi flowing more, and transition out of this powerful breathwork experience.


Main Room

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