May 22, 2017 - Monday 7:30-9pm - Fullness Meditation Series: Soul Fullness - with Ananda Seattle

Ananda offers a 4-class Fullness Meditation Series every month at East West Bookshop, covering the topics Mind Fullness, Health Fullness, Peace Fullness and Soul Fullness. Save $20 if you sign up for all four classes.

Traditional meditation is the most direct and most ancient means of establishing a personal perception or experience of transcendent realities, whether defined devotionally (as God, Father, Mother, etc.), metaphysically (as Infinite Consciousness) or energetically (as love, power, peace, sound or light, etc.). In this class we share the core concentration meditation technique taught by Paramhansa Yogananda who came to America in 1920 and who is known throughout the world for his now classic story, Autobiography of a Yogi. This course is open to anyone regardless of affiliation, belief, or membership at Ananda. All truth seekers and devotees will benefit.

In this class you'll learn:

  • 3 stages of meditation: relaxation, concentration and communion
  • Basic chair sitting position and simple standing exercises before meditation
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and proper posture
  • Simple breath control techniques: double breath & even count
  • Hong Sau method of meditation: breath awareness with mantra
  • Prayer, chanting, and affirmation
  • Power of visualization : 8 aspects of superconsciousness
  • Where to concentrate and why: the spiritual eye, doorway to the divine
  • What are advanced meditation techniques and why they can help you

        This is the fourth of a 4-class Fullness Meditation Series that meets 4 Monday nights in May and includes classes on:

        • Mind Fullness (May 1)
        • Health Fullness (May 8)
        • Peace Fullness (May 15)
        • Soul Fullness (May 22)

        Taught by Ananda Meditation Teacher Chandi Holliman. Suggested text - How to Meditate by Jyotish Novak (available at East West Bookshop).



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