May 21, 2017 - Sunday 12:30-3:30pm - Create Vessels of Hope - with Karen Danielson

Keep Hope Alive
Preserve the Sacred 
In honor of Mother Earth,  
Create a vessel of hope and prayer.
As a symbol of Mother Earth and the feminine form, Karen Danielson, uses gourds to create vessels of hope.
In this workshop, Karen, helps us celebrate and honor Mother Earth. This moment in time, Mother Earth needs our prayers, love and presence more than ever. Springtime is the time of awakening when all of the Earth comes alive. New seeds are planted for the renewal of the coming year, season and future. 
As a symbol of our great Mother and feminine form we will use gourds to create our vessels of hope. Adorning and bringing our intentions alive, we welcome this new season. There will be an alter for Mother Earth thanking her for all the gifts and love she provides, the sounds of her voice and vibrant imagery you take home with you.
We will take time and prayer to contemplate the seeds we wish to plant to birth new miracles into our lives, environment and well-being of Mother Earth. I look forward to this meaningful afternoon with you.
All supplies provided and encourage personal supplies as well.

There will be all different supplies to help you create and inspire your sacred space and an alter to take home. Personal supplies welcome.

Main Hall