May 20, 2018 - Sunday 12-4pm - Transformation Collage and Journaling - with Karen Danielson

Collage Journaling with Karen Danielson; Exploring one's shadow, integrating light and dark and the birth of the Spring season.

We gather again to celebrate the season of Spring and create empowering images with mixed media, imagery and personal photos. Topis to consider is Springtime, birth, moving between light and dark and dancing with our shadow. A portion of time will be dedicated to journaling and reflection for the exploration of these topics and their meaning.
There will be a Spring Alter and light snack. All supplies provided. Personal supplies welcome. Please bring several photos of yourself and your shadow. We will explore the playful, beautiful side of our shadow and it's song...integrating light and dark and the birth of the new season.

Healing Room - 6 Max.

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