May 15, 2017 - Monday 7:30-9pm - Fullness Meditation Series: Peace Fullness - with Ananda Seattle

Ananda offers a 4-class Fullness Meditation Series every month at East West Bookshop, covering the topics Mind Fullness, Health Fullness, Peace Fullness and Soul Fullness. Save $20 if you sign up for all four classes.

Meditation can help us cope with grief, loss, moods, negative emotions and a sense of lack by relaxing the body and calming the mind, and can be a healing process that gradually and naturally transforms emotion into an innate and intuitive feeling of our well-being, security, comfort and confidence.

This process includes space to acknowledge present realities in order to open up to a new space where we can discover within ourselves inner strength, faith, and a longer-rhythm perspective on ourselves and our life's purpose.

  • Learn the basics of meditation: sitting, breathing, and focusing
  • Expel negative emotions using tension exercises and breath control
  • Relax the body; relax the emotions;
  • Stabilize your breath: focus the mind
  • Learn to create imagery to expand the heart
  • Use affirmations to affirm peace, love, and joy
  • Overcome the eight "meannesses" of the heart!
  • How to send out positive thoughts and intentions 
  • How to receive inspiration and intuition
  • Dissolve pain with breath awareness

      This is the third of a 4-class Fullness Meditation Series that meets 4 Monday nights in May and includes classes on:

      • Mind Fullness (May 1)
      • Health Fullness (May 8)
      • Peace Fullness (May 15)
      • Soul Fullness (May 22)

      Taught by Ananda Meditation Teacher Chandi Holliman. Suggested text - How to Meditate by Jyotish Novak (available at East West Bookshop).

      Stay tuned for follow up courses offered periodically such as: "Love without Fear", Relationships; Success; Courage, and others.

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