May 20, 2017 - Saturday 10:30am-3pm - Discover How to Do Remote Viewing! - with Jean Haner

JEAN HANER teaches you how to tune in to the energy of a person or place anywhere in the world!

Would you like to be able to tune in to the energy of a person or a place anywhere in the world?

We each have a natural ability to see, hear, or feel in this way, but we’ve never been trained to use our senses to get information from afar. In this workshop, author and intuitive empath Jean Haner will guide you through exercises designed to help you discover and develop your own unique sensing skills.

Learn how to tune in without fear or uncertainty, know when to trust what you’re sensing - and when to realize it’s just your imagination running away with you! Create healthy energetic boundaries so you can feel comfortable sensing energy of people and places.

Join Jean Haner, author of the new book, Clear Home Clear Heart, for a day of Empath Training, to begin to learn how not just to survive, but thrive because of your sensitivity!

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