May 07, 2017 - Sunday 4-5:30pm - Multi-Orgasmic Diet Book talk - with Rebecca Gould

Join local author, REBECCA GOULD,  to learn how to live with energy and vitality flowing through you by cultivating your sexual energy to help you make better choices for your life. 

Don’t be fooled by the title. Neither an orgasm technique book nor a book focused on what foods to eat or avoid, this is a body positive “soul food” diet that provides a lifestyle plan with a menu full of practices to help you live a juicier life! Join local author, Rebecca Clio Gould, to learn more. Discover a new meaning for "multi-orgasmic," and learn how to fill up on the pleasure and pulse of life in order to make healthier choices from a place of already feeling fulfilled. Rebecca will guide you through a few of the foundational practices to help you feel more energized and sexually vibrant. There will also be time for Q&A and book signing.

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