May 02, 2017 - Tuesday 7:30-9pm - Awaken to Higher Consciousness! - with Suryadas Holliman

4 Tuesdays beginning May 2 at East West Bookshop in Seattle

In the Midst of Life’s Storms Learn to:

  • - Experience Deep Peace
  • - Live in Expansive Joy
  • - Find Your Intuitive Center
  • - Receive Inspiration & Guidance from Higher Levels of Awareness


Join us as we explore the nature of consciousness and ways to increase our own level of awareness, so that we may experience peace in the midst of the daily challenges of life.  Learn also to tune into your highest potential and receive intuitive guidance and understanding, which enables us to better navigate the complexities of life. When we live in awareness of higher states of consciousness, we are naturally able to live more fulfilling and rewarding lives. 

Based on Swami Kriyananda’s book, “Awaken to Superconsciousness” and the Eight-Fold Path of the ancient sage Patanjali, this course will explore the path of meditation and yoga.