March 29, 2017 - Wednesday 4:45-6:30pm - Energy Medicine Yoga: Align Your Body's Energy - with Shaefeather Windsong

Harmoniously merge the techniques of Donna Eden and Lauren Walker in a Yoga Routine! Align the body's energy system for health, vitality and upliftment with Shaefeather Windsong.

Tonight's Theme: Energy Medicine Yoga, using the techniques of Donna Eden & Lauren Walker. Today in the routine, we will work on manifesting our goals and dreams.


Imagine for a moment... what would it be like to harmoniously merge crystals, essential oils, Energy Medicine, Reiki, or Affirmations into a Yoga routine? Join Shaefeather Windsong every other Wednesday evening to explore the many ways to deepen the healing magic in your yoga practice.

In class we will experiment together with the healing theme for that week, all the while having fun, getting to know ourselves & our bodies better, and most of all, leaving feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and blissed-out!

Class themes will include subjects like: "Aroma-Yoga" & Oil Healing, Healing with Crystals in Yoga, "Energy Medicine" Yoga Routines, Energization Exercises from Yogananda, the Power of Affirmations, and Exploring Reiki/Hands on Healing in Restorative Asana

Upcoming classes:

March 29th - Energy Medicine Yoga

April 12th - Essential Oil Yoga

April 26th - Crystal Yoga

May 3rd - Energy Medicine Yoga

May 10th - SPECIAL: Full Moon Singing Bowl Yoga class--6:45 start, $35. Must pre-register as it may sell out

May 17th - Restorative Yoga with Reiki & Energy Medicine

Main Room


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