March 22, 2017 - Wednesday 7-8:30pm - Uncoiling the Mystery of Healing - with Judith Marcus

Please call East West at
206-523-3726 for information

Join Judith Marcus, a bodyworker who danced out of intensive care following a brain aneurysm, for an exploration to broaden your understanding of body trauma, healing, energetic resonance and spirituality.

Judith Marcus, a bodywork therapist for over 30 years, experienced years of increasing anxiety that culminated with a brain aneurysm. She survived quite well with tales to tell and wrote a memoir. The evening's exploration includes stories from her 2012 book UNCOILING and a presentation of the postscript chapter just published in the autumn of 2016. Her stories stimulate reflection on the body as teacher, healing from trauma and the body as a spiritual path. There will be Q&A and a book signing afterward.

Main Room.

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