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March 21, 2020 - Saturday 10am-4pm - The Deep Heart Workshop - with John Prendergast

John Prendergast, Ph.D., spiritual teacher and licensed psychotherapist, will guide an experiential exploration of the multidimensional nature of the Heart that is both conditionally wounded and essentially whole.

The great human quest is to discover who we really are - a discovery that changes our lives and the lives of those around us. With the Deep Heart, spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Dr. John Prendergast invites you on a pilgrimage within, using the heart as a portal to your deepest psychological and spiritual nature. 

The "Deep Heart" is Prendergast's term for the subtle center of emotional and energetic sensitivity, relational intimacy, profound inner knowing, and wholeness found within our hearts. 

In this talk, John will describe the multidimensional bature of the Heart and offer a meditative inquiry into its true nature.

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