March 15, 2018 - Thursday 7-9pm - Healing Circle with Scalar Heart Connection and Family Constellation - with Stephen Linsteadt and Maria Elena

Healing Circle with Scalar Heart Connection and Family Constellation hosted by Stephen Linsteadt and Maria Elena Boekemeyer.

Join Stephen Linsteadt, founder of Scalar Heart Connection® and author of The Heart of the Hero and the Quantum Healing Codes, for an introduction and demonstration of this amazing process.

We tend to repeat behavioral patterns from our family, sometimes without being conscious of doing so. Through Scalar Heart Connection, these entanglements can be uncovered and resolved.

This healing circle can help you see what has been holding you back from attaining the peace, health, love, self-love, and divine connection you deserve.

What do you want to change: issues with relationship, sexuality, problems with abundance, health, vitality, creativity, or just wanting a deeper connection to your purpose?

Please note that you are not required to share an issue or problem with the group. Deep healing can occur simply from being present in the healing field.   

This is a powerful process that reveals and heals family wounds of love. 

There is no prior experience required to participate in this healing circle. 

Scalar Heart Connection® will help you identify what is preventing you from experiencing what you want and deserve. Most importantly, it will entrain the resonance of your desires into patterns that attract what is life enhancing.   

Stephen Linsteadt – has a degree in natural medicine. He studied energy medicine and bio-resonance in Germany. He was the co-founder of New Hope Clinic, an integrative center specializing in chronic illness, and has shared his experience in the book he co-authored: The Heart of Health: The Principles of Physical Health and Vitality. He is the co-founder of Natural Healing House, dedicated to educating people on the principles of natural health. Stephen is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection® and the author of the book, Scalar Heart Connection, a process designed to help people uncover negative emotional patterns behind ill-health and other challenges with well-being. Stephen has lectured extensively about the mind-body connection as well as created and conducted workshops internationally in the area of physical health and emotional wellbeing. Read more about Stephen at

Maria Elena Boekemeyer - is the co-author of the book The Heart of Health and co-founder of Natural Healing House. Today, she teaches Scalar Heart Connection workshops and is the founder of Metatron’s Astrology.

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