March 15, 2018 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - The Gifts of After-Death Communication - Annie Mattingley

Annie Mattingley will read about and discuss, through her own experiences with her daughter and the accounts of many interviewees, the grief-healing results of after-death communication with deceased beloveds, suggest ways to encourage, recognize, and receive such contact, and address what this may say about that part of us which survives beyond the body.

Annie Mattingley’s book, The After Death Chronicles, is about ordinary people who’ve spontaneously received communication from deceased beloveds. Inspired by her deceased grown daughter’s verbal visitations she interviewed many people and wove together contact accounts that range from dreams through visions to contacts through nature. Annie will intersperse short readings with addressing the myriad ways in which our beloved dead make contact and how healing this can be. She will make suggestions for ways to encourage, recognize, and receive contact, discuss what after-death contact may say about large questions such as whether consciousness survives the body and how contact may help us with our fear of death. She welcomes questions, concerns, and personal experiences from participants.

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