March 10, 2018 - Saturday 12-4pm - Transformation Collage and Journaling - with Karen Danielson

Collage Journaling with Karen Danielson, incorporate mixed media, your handprint, personal photos and imagery with topics Winter and Ancestors.

We gather once again to celebrate the Winter season and continue our journey in collage and journaling. Topics to consider will be Winter, Ancestors and Personal Power, how we draw strength in our daily lives. Using mixed media, we will incorporate our handprints with personal photographs and imagery to create an empowering image for ourselves. A portion of time will be spent on journaling and reflection as these topics have great and different meaning for each person. (The topics presented are for considerstion but not set in stone.)
There will be a Winter altar to enjoy and light snack.
Ample supplies provided and personal supplies welcome.
Bring photos of yourself and family you don't mind altering.

Healing Room - 6 Max.

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