March 03, 2018 - Saturday 11am-3pm - Soulescence™: Authenticity & Purpose - with Mary Lee LaBay

If it is time to connect to your essence and authenticity, take the deep dive as we enjoy soulful discussions and empowering activities with Mary Lee LaBay.

Get on a solid path for your spiritual growth, starting wherever you are at present, novice or advanced. Learn and experience distinct steps for clarity around your purpose, and how to rapidly move to higher ground with Mary Lee LaBay.

Break through that feeling of being lost and disconnected. In this highly experiential workshop, discover that you have the map and key already.

Is it time to connect with your soul, essence, and purpose—and engage with the powerful, radiant, unique person you were created to be?

On Friday, gain valuable clues and sustainable skills through specific activities, including learning why you play it small, removing blocks that keep you disconnected, and exploring past lives where you were expressing your purpose. On Saturday, deepen the clarity, direction, and awareness, as Mary Lee guides you through soulful exercises, including identifying values, visiting informative memories, and stepping into a more powerful version of yourself. Now is the time to devise a plan to live in authenticity and purpose.

Main Hall