March 03, 2018 - Saturday 11am-3pm - Past Lives, Authenticity & Purpose - with Mary Lee LaBay

Join Mary Lee LaBay, 5-time author and internationally recognized past life regressionist and trainer, as she guides you deep into your personal memories and experiences to discover your authenticity and purpose.

Past life regression is often viewed as a stroll through memory lane, but it has the potential to be much more than that. It is a direct and powerful way to expand your consciousness without mind-altering pharmaceuticals. It is a quick and efficient way to get to the core of many present day issues, or to the deepest understanding of relationships. Importantly, past life exploration provides clarity around a person’s soul purpose, and is a necessary step in self-awareness and authenticity. 

During today's workshop with Mary Lee LaBay, take a deeper dive into guided regressions that focus on bringing you closer to your authentic self. Additional activities will further serve to awaken you to a greater sense of your soul's purpose and the goals you set out to achieve when you chose to come into this life, at this time, in your present family. 

Why are you here in this life? What are you supposed to be doing? How can you align with the higher purpose shared by multiple aspects of your soul? What do you imagine it will feel like when these become clear?

When you integrate your present life with increasing numbers of your past lives, you will experience greater empowerment, stability, focus, and certainty of purpose and direction. This in turn leads to greater powers of manifestation and influence to create the positive changes you wish to see in the world.

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