March 02, 2018 - Friday 7-9pm - At the Feet of the Spiritual Master; Stories from my life with Avatar Adi Da Samraj - with Gerald Sheinfeld

Gerald Sheinfeld presents "My Radically Unconventional Encounters with a Teacher Unlike Any Heretofore Appearing in the Sacred Traditions."

"I offer you a relationship not a technique” …. with these words by the spiritual Adept Adi Da Samraj, Gerald Sheinfeld opens the engaging & revealing stories of his 45 years with his Spiritual Teacher in his new book, At the Feet of the Spiritual Master: Stories from my life with Avatar Adi Da Samraj. 

These stories are first-hand accounts of Adi Da's direct spiritual work with his devotees. Mr. Sheinfeld was witness to Adi Da Samraj’s entire lifetime of Teaching, Instruction and Spiritual Blessing. Gerald’s stories give a unique insight into the Teacher/devotee relationship, full of Adi Da's transformative Wisdom and his heart-penetrating humor.

Gerald has traveled extensively speaking about his life with Adi Da throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Healing Room