June 29, 2017 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - ~7 Meditations: The Relaxed Mind - with Diane Berger

Join Tibetan Buddhism meditation teacher, and practitioner with Kilung Rinpoche, Diane Berger, for the Relaxed Mind's  progressive series of 7 Meditations.

Join us for meditation as put forth in The Relaxed Mind by Tibetan lama Kilung Rinpoche. Diane will present this progressive series of seven meditations, one each Thursday evening over the summer. The greater part of each session will be devoted to the practice itself. The series is intended for any level of experience. Come for all seven sessions, or drop in anytime.

Diane Berger began practicing Tibetan Buddhism in 1989, receiving teachings and empowerments from many of the great lamas of our time, including HH Dilgo Khyentse. In 1997 Diane brought Kilung Rinpoche from Asia to the west, where they began the Kilung Foundation and Pema Kilaya sangha in Seattle. After 15 years working closely and studying with Kilung Rinpoche, she embarked on traditional solo retreat, completing four and a half years. Now residing in her native northwest, she teaches meditation and Buddhism.

Healing Room. Max 15. Sign up early!