June 29, 2017 - Thursday 7:00-8:30pm - Spiritual Embodiment - with Colby Wilk

Colby Wilk, Spiritual Healer, shares four energetic practices and three activations to assist you to finally land in your body and wake to the God within.

Many spiritual seekers are attempting to transcend the body, approaching the Divine from outside of it. The result of spirituality that is “up and out" is a burned out nervous system, overactive immune system and a lack of ground and prosperity. Embodied spirituality sees the body as the doorway to spiritual transformation. You don’t need to look far for what you are here to do; the body contains all your karma. In this highly interactive workshop with Colby Will, you will learn four energetic practices and receive three activations that can help you to increase your own sense of presence, pleasure and ground by descending deeper into the body.

Main Hall