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June 27, 2019 - Thursday 7-8:30pm - There's Nothing Like A Good Night's Sleep - with Diane Gillespie

Using recent research on sleep, Educational Psychologist Diane Gillespie, PhD, will engage participants, who will receive a copy of her book Stories for Getting Back to Sleep, in a lively discussion about cognitive behavior strategies for enhancing their natural sleep.

New research shows sleep deprivation and medications have dire health consequences. But don’t let that add to your anxiety during your sleepless hours! In this interactive session, educational psychologist Diane Gillespie, PhD, will review this new research and then turn to cognitive behavior strategies that have been shown to increase natural sleep.

She will review some technologies sleepers have found useful but engage primarily in discussions with participants about mindfulness practices and imaginative thought patterns (images, metaphors, and stories) that can lead the sleepless into/back to sleep. Participants will receive her book Stories for Getting back to Sleep and a resource sheet covering natural sleep strategies.

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