June 25, 2017 - Sunday 12:30-3pm - The Five Elements - Parents and Kids Day - with Dondi and Titanya Dahlin

Today is Play-day for children and their guardians, where Titanya, a Waldorf teacher and Dondi, author of the book, The Five Elements, will lead you through Five Element, Energy Medicine Dance and even make poi balls to take home!

As a parent, teacher and anyone who works with children, The Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal can really give you a deeper understanding of how to reach your children through their own elemental language and play. Today is Play-day! We invite children and their guardians to come and play through the Five Elements. We will learn games, Energy Medicine Dance and movement and even make poi balls to take home! Authors, Dondi and Titanya, a Waldorf teacher, have been teaching for over 15 years together and love to share it with you.

$50 Parent and Child, $25 extra child

Main Hall