June 24, 2017 - Saturday 10:30am-1:00pm - ~Meditation, Neuroplasticity, Body Scans and Breathwork: Mindful Living for Health and Wellbeing 2 - with Catherine Smith

Join Catherine Smith, certified transformational life coach for mindfulness meditation, body scan, neuroplasticity, breathwork, chair yoga.

In part two of this four-part series you will learn about the brain science of mindfulness and practice different ways of being mindful to develop nueroplasticity. For example you will learn how to meditate, use body scans, utilize breath work and gentle yoga. You will also understand how changing your thoughts can literally change your mind and you will have numerous strategies to help you. Moreover, mindful living is about how we show up moment to moment in our daily lives and you will be supported with tools to achieve this.

$60 for the series $15 per class

Healing Room