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June 23, 2019 - Sunday 4:30-6:30pm - The Law of Attraction for Singles - with Staci Weller

Singles: Use the Law of Attraction to create your authentic love story from the inside out, with Staci Weller, CPC.

Do you want to more clarity to your life and relationships?
Are you ready to prepare for lasting love?
This evening we will use writing exercises, guided visualization, and supportive group discussions to supercharge your dating life. 
(Please bring a journal) 
This experience will support you in: 
• Creating a clear vision for your life and romantic partnership
• Gaining awareness of how the “Law of Attraction” supports you in manifesting your dreams
• Declaring your romantic intention 
• Exuding your authentic “vibe” aka. -"pure love" to attract

Staci Weller, is an Certified Professional Coach, who is passionate about empowering singles to live the life they LOVE, while attracting romantic partnership at a higher level.  

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