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June 22, 2019 - Saturday 7-8:30pm - Moon & Goddesses - Arianrhod - with Vanessa Couto

Honoring the Cancer New Moon through astrology and the myth of Arianrhod.

The Moon is the Cosmic Weaver of our human story. Each month, as she joins the Sun during the New Moon, we have the opportunity to plant new seed ideas. Thus, each New Moon is a marker of potentiality and transformation. In honor of the upcoming Cancer New Moon, we will explore themes from the story of the Arianrhod, a Celtic Welsh lunar goddess of spinning and magic. 

In this talk, we will explore the meaning of the Moon in our lives, what themes this Cancer New Moon evokes, and how the story of Arianrhod weaves it all together. Let’s honor the New Moon through myth and astrology.

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