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July 28, 2019 - Sunday 5-7pm - Using Your Intuition To Guide You Towards Healing - with Misty Thompson

Learn How Using Your Intuition Can Help You Move Through & Heal Your Challenges.

No matter what struggle you are working through, using your intuition can guide you. It is learning how to trust and believe that you, too, can use your intuition to guide you towards healing any part of your life.

Being able to tap into your intuition is one that takes practice, but when you do open yourself up, it can become a transformative and lasting way to heal. 

In this special workshop led by intuitive spiritual life coach, psychic medium, and best-selling author, Misty Thompson, learn the different ways to use your intuition, by being introduced to the “clairs” that incorporate the ability to utilize the senses.

Misty's spiritual journey was validated in 1993, when her sister went missing, and ultimately, her remains were located. Misty now incorporates her spiritual gifts, intuition, and the tragedy of her sister’s death to help others.

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