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July 21, 2019 - Sunday 12:30-2pm - I Am the Song - with Lora McHenry

A booktalk-playdate for grownups of "I Am The Song" by Lora McHenry, seeing how the voice of the Universe sings in our lives and how we participate in this divine communication.

A booktalk-playdate for grownups! "I Am The Song" sings the divine magic and beauty of our daily lives. Through stories from the author's ordinary and magical life, we discover how the Universe feels and sounds and looks to us.

In this workshop:
-- We'll do a short, lovely guided meditation which can nourish you for the rest of your life.
-- We'll do fun exercises that prove your own abilities to experience the presence and the guidance of the Universe.
-- We'll demystify three important, easy secrets about how to write a book!
-- Given half a chance, Lora will tell a few of the book's stories, and you can watch the Universe manifesting the divine truth behind everyday events.

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