July 21, 2018 - Saturday 11am-2pm - How Do You Prepare for the Changes in Our World. You Are An Elder. - with Debra Silverman

Your personality type has a unique set of skills for crisis. Come learn about it with Debra Silverman.

We are in the times the prophets longed to live. Isn’t it so obvious that change is everywhere? How does your personality handle it? What do you need based on your unique style to manifest stability, wisdom and insights? Every one of you reading this have some kind of challenge or vulnerability that is occurring in your life right now. That's just a sign that you're alive and kicking. Let Debra Silverman surprise you with practical psychological/astrological insights that will make you laugh while informing you on how to be yourself during these wild and woolly times. This workshop is custom designed to understand your chart.

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