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July 20, 2019 - Saturday 4-8:30pm - Soul to Soul Readings and Spirit Connections - with Vincent Genna

Tickets are still available for purchase in person at the store
call 206-523-3726 for information

My sessions are intense, highly informative, and inspiring. Most of all, you will always receive direction and hope, and feel empowered and motivated to achieve all you want.

I believe the true impetus for most of our life searches is the desire to learn what’s blocking us from creating our best self and embarking on the healing necessary to do so. A journey like that requires someone with the training, expertise—and the gift—who can tune into your soul, spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, and Source and then interpret each message to a results-oriented solution you can truly use to make changes in your life. A single session with me will be transformative. I can help empower you to remove blockages and heal the imbalance, illness or lack that is holding you back. You will emerge inspired, with a stronger self-belief than you’ve ever possessed.

$90 for 30 minutes

Healing Room