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July 20, 2019 - Saturday 10:30am-2:30pm - Awaken the Psychic and Medium Within! - with Vincent Genna

Intune with the “Collective Unconscious,” “Akashic Records,” “Universal Intelligence,” or the “Mind of God” when you truly learn how to awaken the psychic and medium within you!

Whether you call it the “Collective Unconscious,” “Akashic Records,” “Universal Intelligence,” or the “Mind of God,” IT contains all the information about life—past, present, and future. We all use it unconsciously all of our lives. Learn to use it consciously! During this you will awaken your innate ability to tap into your intuitive nature, discover how to use “universal information” to live a more authentic and powerful life, gain confidence and understanding of how you can attune to your OWN inner guidance, develop an unwavering trust in your “gut” extrasensory awareness and intuition, go beyond the limitations of the self and the boundaries of the mind, reach out across the veil to connect with loved ones in spirit.

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