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July 14, 2019 - Sunday 4-7pm - StoryBusting: Creating Intentional Stories - with Janaki Severy

Eliminating the stories in your life that you don't want and replacing them with the stories in your life that you do want.

Storybusting helps you identify stories in your life you love and adore and learn how to maintain them. It is also helps you identify stories that are old, useless, untrue, hurtful, damaging to your Soul and cause to lose faith in yourself. You will learn to diagnose stories in your life while honoring them, even honoring those you don’t like because they contributed to who you are today.

If you decide a story is not useful, no longer true or never was true, you take the stance of a warrior and poke holes in it, bust it open and expose it for what it tried to be, what it caused, how it caused you to feel and end that story in your life. The decision is the simple part. Actually, taking the story on with the intent of removing it or removing the power you have given it begins the true work of Storybusting. Once removed, creation takes over and you replace them with intentional stories you want.

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