July 11, 2017 - Tuesday 7-8:30pm - Through The Looking Glass Numerology for This Year 2017 - with Justin Crockett Elzie

This class with Justin Crockett Elzie will help you understand how Numerology is currently impacting your daily life, this year specifically and how you can use your Numerology to maximize your potential.

The objective of this class with Justin Crockett Elzie is to give the students a look at key Numerological dates and events for the rest of this coming year and how that is apt to affect each and every one of us. We will look at the Numerology of the year 2017's New and Full Moons and also will look at current events; politics and key dates for a look into the future. Lastly we will look at each other's personal year to see how that may play out.

A handout will be given to the students from the class with everything covered and resources listed for further study if they are interested.

Main Hall