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July 10, 2020 - Friday 7-8:30pm - Embracing Anxiety: Accessing its Genius - with Karla McLaren, M.Ed.

Your anxiety contains gifts and skills you can't find anywhere else; when you can embrace your anxiety, you can change your entire life.

If you're facing anxiety, you've probably got one thing on your mind—how to make it go away. But what if this challenging emotion were actually trying to help?

"When we ignore or repress our anxiety,” teaches author and researcher Karla McLaren, "it can overwhelm us. But when we learn to welcome it with skill, we can access its remarkable gifts."

Engaged with wisely, anxiety is your task completion ally—it helps you to focus, plan, take action, and fulfill your goals. In Karla McLaren's newest book, Embracing Anxiety, you'll explore:

• Principles and practices to befriend your anxiety at every level of intensity (before it overwhelms you)
• Strategies to engage with anxiety as a resource for foresight, conscientiousness, and motivation

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