July 07, 2017 - Friday 7:30-9:00pm - Pathways to Conscious Living: Using Vedic Astrology and Enneagram of Personality - with Indra Rinzler

In this innovative and fascinating presentation, Indra Rinzler will share the connections between astrology and Enneagram and he'll place them in the great Yuga cycle from India, Dwapara Yuga , the ENERGY age.

Astrology and the Enneagram provide an explanation of our unique combination of personal strengths and weaknesses that play out in our behaviors. They highlight the triggers and core issues that take us out of the moment. The workshop will show how both modalities can work together as awakening tools. The class is designed for everyone from beginner to professional. Indra Rinzler is a student of spirituality and astrology for over 45 years. He teaches and offers life readings both here and in India. www.IndraRinzler.com

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