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January 31, 2020 - Friday 7-8:30pm - Celtic Tree Rituals - New Book - with Sharlyn Hidalgo

Join Sharlyn Hidalgo as she presents her new book Celtic Tree Rituals and get a taste of what the book has to offer. 

Sharlyn Hidalgo presents her new book Celtic Tree Rituals: Ceremonies for the Thirteen Moon Months and a Day. Come experience the teaching of the Willow (Jan.24-Feb. 20) through shared knowledge and wisdom, ceremony, guided meditation, and story to get a taste of the information this book holds for you. Sharlyn will also give you some information about Brigid and Imbolc that falls on Feb. 1st. 

The book leads you through each tree month of the Celtic tree calendar, providing instructions for ritual, as well as group activities, song suggestions, chants, and a guided meditation. You'll discover the ogham, keywords, totems, and deities for every month, plus special rituals for all eight holy holidays that make up the Wheel of the Year. Sharlyn also provides stories for each tree month that share her real-life experiences with the healing energies of the unseen realm and demonstrate how you can invite these healing relationships into your own life. This remarkable book is an essential tool for strengthening your creativity, community, and spirituality. 

More information about the book.

Fee includes copy of the book.

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