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January 29, 2020 - Wednesday 7:30-9pm - Buddhism Through the Body: Foundations of the Tantrayana Path - with Farrah Garan

Discover the principles of the Tantrayana Buddhist path and how practices such as Tummo and Tsa Lung reveal the hidden essence of our body, so that we may come to know the true nature of the mind.

The Tantrayana path of Buddhism is a very direct, experiential path. It uses the body to transform the mind and realize our Buddha Nature. 

Recognizing that blockages in the body create suffering and ignorance, it has many powerful methods for creating openness and expanding our consciousness. 

This presentation will explore the fundamental principles and methods of the "Diamond Path." Learn how practices like Tsa Lung and Tummo reveal the "four hiddens."

Farrah Garan teaches traditional Tibetan movement practices to cultivate a calm mind, vibrant energy and open heart, including Lu Jong Healing Yoga, Tog Chöd Sword Dance, and Tsa Lung Breathwork. She received the Tantrayana tradition from her teacher, Tulku Lobsang. Farrah also offers teacher trainings so that more can benefit from these practical methods.

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