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January 26, 2020 - Sunday 1-6pm - Psychic Fair - with East West Bookshop

Join East West Intuitives for a fun afternoon of readings! Fair special! Sign up for mini-sessions with readers. Prices vary, approx. $20 for 15 minute session. 

Meet a variety of readers and intuitives to help you get the answers you need. There will be intuitive/psychic readings, tarot/oracle cards and more!

  East West Intuitives who will be attending.  List subject to change. 

Ray Couture - Astrology

Kevin Raphael Fitch - Astrology, Tarot, Energy Healing

Justin Elzie - Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Psychic Medium

Deni Luna - Tarot, Astrology, Lip-Print Reading, Psychic Medium 

Charli Grieg - Energetic Rose Readings

Rainee Osborn - Akashic Records Readings

Andrea Bruckner - Astrology, I-Ching

Shaun Rose - Tarot, Crystal Consultations

Jeanine Horton - Reiki

Mimi Pettibone - Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Relationships and Life Path

Veronica Entwistle - Past Life Readings, Connecting to Angels

Lora McHenry - Readings using playing cards, personal objects and auras.

Ed Campbell - Palm Reading

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