January 26, 2017 - Thursday 7-9pm Breaking the Ego Spell with Cate Montana

Join author Cate Montana in a mini-workshop and launch of the revolutionary book The E Word and learn how to manage your ego and effectively expand identity into greater unity once and for all.

Looking for the Red Pill? Hungry for liberation? The realm of the Real? The E-Word springs the trap of the ego matrix, lucidly explaining what the ego is (and it's not your enemy), how it thinks, and how the ego can be expanded into a powerfully interconnected transpersonal perspective that eradicates feelings of isolation, fear, and insecurity in your life. Be the first to join author Cate Montana, MA for this revolutionary book's US launch that includes a reading and mini workshop revealing some surprising information, including how the ego co-opts self-improvement techniques and spirituality in ways that end up chasing away the very fulfillment, wisdom and happiness we seek. Refreshments and book signing afterwards.

Main Room

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